The Wilde Room: Chapter 2

Smells and Bells
It was Dante who’d found the Professor’s body. Jeremy thought: of course. That strange friendship between his former boss and his father having forged hard after Jeremy fled his hometown. His two great would-be teachers seemed to have watched his flight leave together. Jeremy imagined them sitting in that little park at the end of the runway where the airplane nerds hung out. And after the howl of the engines had passed overhead, well, there seemed to be nothing left between them. They started playing chess weekly, as if the young man (young then) had been the very board they’d previously contested. He was gone. They needed a different board.
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The Wilde Room: Chapter 1

The Wilde Room 
When the Professor died, it was Dante who called. Jeremy picked up, standing in the alcove next to the reservation desk at The Wilde Room. And there he heard the voice of his long-ago mentor, tormentor, once-friend. He stood, watching his house manager Martine through the front window of the restaurant. Beautiful Martine, clipping the fresh sheet into the menu display on the black railing on the street, the green wall of St. Stephens Green rising opposite. High and scattered cloud. A nice April day in Dublin and booked to the rafters. And here came the long ago. The dreaded. The not-quite put behind.
Dante said: “You remember this voice?”
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Napa and the North

For Western Living Magazine
Napa wines, we all know already: super-cabs and fruit bomb pinots, rich chardonnays and saugnvinon blancs bright with citrus. But food in Napa is becoming as rich a story. So, on a recent tour around the valley with chefs Barbara Alexander and Adam Busby, it seemed impossible to stop the car without encountering some exquisite barotta cheese or strawberries so pungent we could smell them before opening the car door or, for that matter, wild asparagus and fennel growing rampant along the roadside.
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